Welcome to my cyber world. I write romantic suspense with edgy emotion and a satisfying love story. I’m currently working on a series titled Those Who Dare. The stories will all involve Landreth Investigations, a PI agency in Portland, Oregon. I’m writing an ongoing series of tales of death-defying heroic men and courageous women. The first three books in the series will be published in 2017. Check back for new cover reveals for all three books. And look for the books at your favorite online retailers in the fall. Or sign up for my newsletter and get updated information on release dates.

Dare to Resist

Dare to Resist

When a malicious stalker leaves a death threat at corporate lawyer Tricia Landreth’s home, she won’t let it jeopardize her career. She reluctantly accepts a rejected former lover as a bodyguard. She may have to trust him to safeguard her life, but she’s determined her heart is off limits.

Put on leave after shooting drug dealers in a fire fight, Nick Castellani agrees to take a temporary bodyguard job as payback for a debt owed. Nick will risk anything to keep Tricia alive. But their passionate past, and her impulsive choices, may put them in even greater peril.

Dare to Challenge

When her jewelry shop is invaded and her supplies moved around, custom jewelry designer Sabrina Walters is afraid her past has caught up with her. If she’s right about the identity of her intruder, her life is in danger. No longer able to trust only herself, she goes to the PI agency for help, and accepts a bodyguard into her reclusive life, despite the way he also scares her.

Still reeling from the losses he’s suffered in his personal life, private investigator Rafe Campbell agrees to act as bodyguard to another vulnerable woman. As he battles his own demons, he must protect Sabrina from escalating danger while trying to avoid falling in love with another woman he might fail.

Dare to Conquer

When his sworn enemy comes to Portland, PI agency head Doug Landreth knows only one of them will survive. Crippled from an earlier attack by the powerful drug lord, Doug must make difficult decisions to protect his family and agency staff while relying on the sharpshooting abilities of one of those employees.

Threatened by both her ex-husband and the drug lord, sharpshooter Alison Steele must stay alive to help protect her boss. Her skills and ingenuity are stretched to the max as the plots against them unfold and danger escalates. When Doug offers more than a boss/employee relationship, does she dare risk her heart?