Progress is Slow

My trilogy has become a series and I’m currently doing more background research and establishing a stronger backstory that will sustain a series. A Portland PI agency is the focal point and each story involves employees of the agency and the owner of the agency. I’m close to finished with book one. The rough draft of book two is written. And I’m working on plot notes for book three, as I also do the bible for the series. I’m having fun and the possibilities are endless. I’m fired up and ready to write. What gets you fired up?


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My Creative Journey has begun!

I’m currently writing a PI trilogy set in Portland, Oregon. I’m revising book one. I have a draft of book two done and am making notes on book three. I may extend the series to a book four set on the Oregon coast. I’ll make periodic updates here and you can watch my progress if you’re so inclined. Come with me on my creative journey.

Barbara Rae Robinson

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