Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve been wanting to get serious about blog posts for a long time. And now at long last I’m ready to begin. This is a revision of my original post on my new website.

I have three novels in my ongoing romantic suspense PI series in various stages of revision. They will be published in 2017, starting in late spring, if all goes as planned. This process is taking longer than I thought it would. They will all have new covers and I’ll post the covers when I get them.

I’m a lifelong learner and have been studying writing as I write my books. I’ve taken a series of online writing classes. And I’m making my books the best I’m capable of doing at this stage in my writing life. Though I’ve been writing for years, I was held back by health issues for many years. I’m now much healthier and ready to devote whatever time I have left to writing and indie publishing my books. I’ve teased my family and told them that when I die, they’ll have to pry my fingers off my keyboard.

One topic that fascinates me is creativity. In particular, how to maintain a high level of creativity while writing. Illness can take away creativity. Brain science has recently come up with the theory of neuroplasticity, the changing of the way the brain works to compensate for problems, like strokes, or to make deliberate new pathways for learning and creating. I’ll explore this topic as one category.

Another topic I love reading about is voice. It’s a difficult thing to pin down in writing, but the clues are emerging. I was hampered for years in my writing by a stilted English-teacher voice. My earlier years were spent in school and graduate school, and then teaching English. It took perceptive teachers in online classes to guide me in the right direction. I’ll be exploring these issues in future posts.

And I’ll introduce myself and my life as a learner and writer. I might even post a picture of my messy office to prove I do work here. I’m going to try to post at least a couple of blogs each month to begin. If you’re interested, you can sign up to receive notices of new blog posts when they appear.

I’m also going to start a newsletter that will be mainly for announcing new releases. But I’ll be setting that up shortly and starting to take sign ups. I am on Facebook and Twitter and will try to post more frequently there. When I’m close to publishing the first three books, I’ll start an author page on Facebook and invite my readers to follow me.

This is a new phase of my long years of writing. I invite you to join me in my journey. (Updated October 9, 2016)